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Hebei Longchang Textile Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-owned enterprises. Parent company has been engaged in textile trading business for more than 20 years. In order to improve the quality and increase competitiveness, after more than two years of planning, factory starts production in August, 2016. By using the new model air-jet looms, Long Chang Textile is specializing in the production of T/C pocket lining.  Marketing to Europe, America and domestic, the quality gains customer recommendation. 深圳九游会集团网址化纤品有限制的生孩子厂家是家港资独资行业行业。母生孩子厂家专科对口化纤品跨境电商205年,明确合作方标准,为提高自己品性并提升争夺力,经1年多进行筹划,于17年11月14日开厂自产。生孩子厂家按照现在新试的喷气织机,专科生孩子涤纶裤兜布,產品售卖外国及在国内,品性取得合作方身份认同。

Management Message

We understand that if we do not make effort to improve ourselves, we will fall behind. Pocket lining is a kind of textiles that normally be ignored and nobody links it with the term “quality”……

Main Product

1. 133×72 45s x 45s 65T/35C 63″
2. 110×76 45s x 45s 65T/35C 63”
3. 110×76 45s x 45s 80T/20C 63”
4. 96×72 45s x 45s 80T/20C 63”


Long Chang Textile adhere to the “customer comes first, integrity in business” principle. We strive to improve product quality and reduce costs…






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