Long Chang Textile adhere to the “customer comes first, integrity in business” principle. We strive to improve product quality and reduce costs, providing our customers with affordable and high quality pocket lining. In 5 years time, we expect to expand our plant to a scale with 1000 set air-jet looms. And the annual output reached 100 million meters pocket lining. 在以后的发展方向中,九游会集团网址坚持学习“顾客第一名,文明诚信销售”的基本方针,勤奋努力提高了产品设备商品行量,缩减分娩成本,设计变为兜里布市场价格价廉,商品行量高品质的分娩制造厂。 以5年日期,保证厂区配置单1000台喷气织机。 一年生产能达3亿米兜里布为制定目标。